Problems at Check-In and What to Do About It!

3 March 2014
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3 March 2014, Comments 0

Problems at Check-In and What to Do About It!

The biggest complaint heard from teams about their hotel experience is “We did not get the requested roomtypes when we checked in.” There is nothing more upsetting than a team contact or coach being told his/her team will have to take Kings instead of the Double/Doubles they contracted, because “The hotel does not guarantee roomtypes.”

First, let’s clarify which requests are guaranteed, and which are not:

Roomtypes ARE Guaranteed – Most hotels contract their rooms as ROH (Run of House), meaning they do not guarantee the roomtype and you will have to take whatever they give you at check-in. However, THS only contracts rooms BY ROOMTYPE, so whatever roomtype the team has contracted and is on their THS confirmation, that is what they should receive.

Non-Smoking Rooms are NOT Guaranteed, except for certain non-smoking brands – Hotels do not guarantee non-smoking rooms, they only request them for anyone who asks. To be guaranteed a non-smoking room, the traveler should stick with these all-non-smoking chains:
all Marriott and Starwood brands, plus Comfort Inns and Cambria Suites.

Rollaways, Refrigerators, Microwaves, & Cribs are NOT Guaranteed – Like non-smoking rooms, there is only a set number of these items at a hotel to give to guests. Requests for these are only requests, and not guaranteed and are typically handled on a first come-first serve basis.

Getting Ready for Check-In!

After a team submits their rooming list to THS, this is what we do to help ensure check-in goes well:

• 31 days – Hotels download each team/club rooming list directly from THS’s website. Each rooming list is sent in team order to help hotels preblock the teams together;

• 21 days – THS receives a copy of each hotel’s in-house rooming list and cross-checks them for errors (e.g. Incorrect dates, roomtypes, misspelled names, etc.) once the list of discrepancies is identified, THS requires each hotel to correct them and resubmit an updated copy of the list for review;

• 14 days – THS emails out real hotel confirmation numbers for each reservation, to help ease the check in process;

• 7 days – THS Acct. Mgt. staff sends a welcome letter to each reservation with details about how to get a hold of onsite THS staff during the tournament. A designated cell phone line is available in case of question or issues at check-in;

• 3 days – On-site staff hold a Precon Hotel meeting, with every hotel that provided a block of rooms for the event, to review details including roomtypes, blocking teams on the same floor, extra towels in the rooms, restaurant hours, etc;

• Night of Arrival – Housing Desk staff are located at the Headquarters hotel (and at the convention center for duration) and THS office staff in New Jersey are on duty until 10:00 pm in the time zone of the tournament.

After All of That, What if There is STILL a Problem at Check-In?

If the Hotel is not giving everyone on the team the correct roomtype, ask for the Manager On Duty, and show him/her the rooming list with the hotel’s own confirmation numbers on it and roomtypes. If that doesn’t fix the problem, call the THS housing desk immediately.

If the hotel cannot find a particular name in the reservation system, ask the desk clerk to call the THS housing desk. The onsite staff have every reservation on-hand.

Lastly, if any problem cannot be resolved over the phone, one of the housing desk staff will come to the hotel and resolve the issue in person.

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