I Didn’t Get the Hotel I Wanted! How Can That Be?

3 March 2014
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3 March 2014, Comments 0

I Didn’t Get the Hotel I Wanted! How Can That Be?

You can identify the source of the majority of complaints about Stay-and-Play, the Lottery System, the Loyalty Programs, the Cities Selected and so on down to one thing – the team did not get the hotel they wanted. The challenge is that booking each team in the hotel they want for the Qualifiers or the JNCs is simply a numbers game. On average, 80% of the teams for each tournament want the same 20% of the hotels, the ones walking distance to the venue (defined here as 8 blocks or less). So how does that work? It doesn’t. Here are some real-life stats:


In all of these tournaments, the majority of the teams will not be at a walking distance hotel. Also, on average 15% of the walking distance rooms are Kings. If you layer on the USAV Lottery and the Loyalty programs used by two of the listed Qualifiers, the numbers tighten more:


As you can see, the two negative numbers for the Boys’ and Girls’ JNC show the number of Lottery teams that are not even able to select walking distance rooms when it is their time to pick.

When teams do not get their first hotel choices, they sometimes ask “Why not book more rooms downtown? The short answer is: We do, as long as the hotel agrees to the terms and conditions we need to have a viable contract that protects THS, USAV and the traveling teams.

Lastly, the Lottery rules have been tweaked over the years to make it as fair as possible. But no matter what rules you apply to that, changing the Lottery process does not change how many teams get the hotel choice they want, it just changes which teams get the one they want. 

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