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THS Contacts

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EST)
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
200 Route 31 North, Suite 204
Flemington, NJ 08822

908-684-3051, 908-979-0928 and 908-439-6105

888-536-8326 and 888-536-0366


Gena Klumpp
Reservation Specialist
Ext: 127
Email: Gena@THSweb.com
Jack McCourt
Sr. Reservation Specialist
Ext: 130
Email: Jack@THSweb.com
Gabrielle Morel
Reservation Specialist
Ext: 137
Email: Gabrielle@THSweb.com
Kayla Nelson
Reservation Specialist
Ext: 143
Email: Kayla@THSweb.com
Tania Ray
Reservation Specialist
Ext: 128
Email: Tania@THSweb.com
Shay Rocca
Reservation Specialist
Ext: 124
Email: Shay@THSweb.com
Caitlin Stuck
Reservation Specialist
Ext: 131
Email: Caitlin@THSweb.com
Nayimi X Wickham
Call Center Supervisor
Ext: 108
Email: Nayimi@THSweb.com
Krista Y Whittemore
Call Center Supervisor
Ext: 126
Email: Krista@THSweb.com
Megan Z Cesare
Director - Call Center Operations
Ext: 102
Email: Megan@THSweb.com


Corey Chapin
H.R. & Accounting Assistant
Phone: 908-979-0928, Ext: 142
Email: Corey@THSweb.com

Brittany Liptak
A/R Specialist / HR Assistant
Phone: 908-979-0928, Ext:
Email: Brittany@THSweb.com

Meg O'Dell
Director of HR & Accounting
Phone: 908-979-0928, Ext: 107
Email: Meg@THSweb.com


Account Management

Brittany Casieri
Sr. Account Manager
Phone: 888-536-8326, Ext: 111
Email: Britt@THSweb.com

Mike Savard
Account Manager
Phone: 888-536-8326, Ext: 125
Email: Mike@THSweb.com

Melanie Weisman
Account Manager
Phone: 888-536-8326, Ext: 122
Email: Melanie@THSweb.com


Administrative: 908-684-3051

Tom Berkman
Ext: 117
Email: Tom@THSweb.com

Dasha Berkman
V.P. Housing Operations
Ext: 119
Email: Dasha@THSweb.com


Sales & Marketing

Elizabeth Bastos
Director of National Sales - THS
Phone: 888-536-8326
Ext: 106
Email: Elizabeth@THSweb.com

Kyle Berkman
Internet Communications Manager
Phone: 908-979-0928
Ext: 138
Email: Kyle@THSweb.com


Contract Department

Chris Allen
Contracts Manager
Phone: 908-979-0928, Ext: 132
Email: Chris@THSweb.com

Amy Sladewski
Sr. Contracts Manager
Phone: 908-979-0928, Ext: 104
Email: Amy@THSweb.com


Event Services

Johana Ramirez-Rojas
Sr. Event Services Manager
Phone: 908-979-0928, Ext: 114
Email: Johana@THSweb.com

Valerie Zabinski
Evert Services Manager
Phone: 908-979-0928, Ext: 121
Email: Valerie@THSweb.com


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