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THS Charitable Support

THS and its staff take pride in its contributions of time, services and money to many sports and charitable organizations around the country. Here's how we give back to the community:

Sports Scholarships and Revenue

This year, THS will donate over $300,000 to 15 different non-profit sports organizations, and provide incremental revenue of over $4.3 million to help them run their organizations. The scholarships are designed to help less-privileged kids participate in various sports in their communities and in their tournaments. The scholarship money is given to each organization unencumbered so their Boards of Directors can distribute the funds as they see fit.

Supporting the Wish Program

Mountain View

The Center for Great Expectations in Edison, NJ offers trauma informed care to women who have survived histories of abuse, neglect, family violence and other traumas that frequently result in substance abuse and mental health issues. The Center’s Wish program offers ongoing support to women who have successfully left the Center to live on their own with their children. THS is supporting their success this year with fun outings for 27 mothers and children with day trips to the Crayola Crayon Factory in Easton, PA in April; the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ in July; a Hayride and Pumpkin Picking in Hackettstown, NJ in October, and a Christmas Party with Santa.

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Getaway Weekends

Getaway Weekend

THS regularly donates "Getaway Weekend" certificates to numerous organizations, entitling the holder to a complimentary 3-Day/2 Night stay at a luxury hotel in one of a choice of cities. The organizations to which we donate these will auction them off or give them away as door prizes or raffle drawings as part of their fundraisers.

Helping at Christmas

Helping at Christmas

Every Christmas, the THS staff adopts kids from less fortunate families in Northern New Jersey. This last Christmas we adopted 10 families through the Northwest NJ Community Action Partnership (NORWESCAP) in Phillipsburg, NJ. We hope that everyone and every organization that is able, will seek out a child that needs their Christmas brightened this next season.

The Smile Team

The Smile Team

We are happy to support "The Smile Team", a charity set up by Jordan Thorp, who does work on behalf the kids in the U.S. and Internationally born with cleft palates. Jordan is associated with the Cleft Team of Gainesville, FL, the Cleft Palate Foundation and The Smile Train.

Prevent Child Abuse - NJ

Future Olympic Hopeful

Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey (PCA-NJ) promotes Great Childhoods, positive parenting and healthy child development. Founded in 1979, all their efforts throughout the state are dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect in all forms for all New Jersey children. They envision a world where every child has a happy, healthy and safe childhood, free of abuse and neglect. They promote Great Childhoods by helping parents to nurture, develop and sustain healthy children; and training professional staff of hundreds of organizations that work with children and families statewide. THS supports them in creating Great Childhoods for all New Jersey children!