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For an INDIVIDUAL RESERVATION (1-3 rooms), it will be automatically processed, and you will be sent an e-mail confirmation for your rooms. In that email, you will see the link to the contract you must accept in order to guarentee your reservations.

For a TEAM OR CLUB RESERVATION (4 to 99 rooms), it will be automatically processed, and you will be sent an e-mail with a link which will allow you to access and accept your contract online, and to enter and submit your rooming list online.

For a TEAM OR CLUB RESERVATION (100 rooms or more), it must be handled by one of our staff, and you will receive a call within the next business day after submitting such a request. Also, if for some reason the computer is unable to confirm your reservation due to availability date issues, you will receive an e-mail saying that a THS representative will contact you within the next business day.

Hotel Policies

When an area has more demand for rooms than there are available rooms, many hotel managers will require a minimum length of stay to help them maximize their revenue.

Please leave a voicemail with all of your information as well as sending an email to a THS contact so your cancellation can be taken care of first thing Monday morning.

Most hotels require you to be at least 18 years old but in some cases, it could be as much as 21 years old.

They will need someone to check them in whether it is, another parent, a coach, another chaperone, etc. As long as they have someone to check them into the hotel, they will have no problems during their stay.

Hotel Rooms

Call us at 888-536-8326, and tell us what you need; we will contact the hotel and do our best to get what you’re looking for.

Many of the tournaments require us to save the comp rooms for their officials and staff in the downtown or walking distance hotels. However most overflow hotel comp rooms are not used. THS distributes the comps to teams based on those contracted comp policies.

You can guarantee all of the rooms with one credit card number, but you must put individual names for each of the rooms you want to reserve, and put that same credit card number in for each person.

Please note: Your card may be charged if a deposit is required.

Each reservation does need a valid credit card in order to hold their reservation. You can use your card to hold it and then change that at a later date.

Please note: Your card may be charged if a deposit is required.

The best way to make changes after you have submitted the rooming list is to do so online. Follow the directions to make changes that will be on the link that we send you to access your contract and enter your rooming list. If you need personal assistance, call us at 888-536-8326.

All requests are requests only. The hotel will make every attempt to honor each request, but they cannot guarantee it.


Many of the tournaments we handle occur in cities during what's called “special event weekends”, meaning that there are multiple events going on, and the demand for rooms is so great, that many of the hotels charge higher rates than normal. So first, make sure the rate they are quoting you is for the dates of the tournament, and not their regular weekend rate for a slower time. If they did quote you for the same dates, please contact us immediately, as we are contracted to have the lowest rate available for that time period.

All of the Indoor Pools are marked as such on the Hotel Listing. Also, be aware that just because a hotel has a pool, it doesn't guarantee it will be open when you are there. A hotel can close their pool for repair, cleaning or even a private party. To be sure, you may want to contact the hotel close to your arrival date and ask that question.



For an Individual Reservation, we need your credit card number entered at the time of the reservation in order to guarantee your room.

For a Team Reservation, we will be asking you for individual credit card numbers on the rooming list. However, to make sure your reservation is valid, we ask you for a credit card number at the time you submit the reservation. Sadly, too often a team contact will submit a reservation before their team has decided to attend the tournament, and later forget they even are holding rooms. This keeps teams that are really attending the tournament from being able to reserve those rooms. To protect the teams that are attending the tournament, this credit number is held until either: 1) The team contact confirms the reservation with a rooming list; or 2) Properly cancels the reservation within the time frame we give them.

When you make your reservation and accept your contract, you are held liable to a certain percentage of those rooms. If you do not use those rooms, you will be charged.

All reservations must be held with a valid credit card in order to be guaranteed. Please be aware that most hotels require at least a one night’s room and tax deposit.

For a club or team that wishes to pay by check, they should:

  • Write the check out for the full amount of room and tax for the entire stay
  • Make it out to: THS COMPANY
  • Write on the check: The Team Name or Reservation Number, and the Arrival Date
  • Mail the check at least 60 days before scheduled arrival, to: THS, 200 Rt. 31 N., Suite 204, Flemington, NJ 08822

If you submit a hard copy rooming list instead of completing it online, then you need to write next to that person’s name “CHECK MAILED”.

Most hotels require at least a one night’s room and tax deposit that is usually charged 30 days prior to arrival. See your contract in regards to your performance clause and what you are responsible for picking up in order to avoid any penalties.


You can go ahead and make your reservations in advance but you want to make sure you have a solid number as you do not want to be held liable for rooms you will not be using.

Send us all of your reservation information, including your room folio or credit card statement showing the charge. We will send all of the information to the hotel and see that they refund accordingly.

We ask each hotel for each event to send us an entire rooming list with hotel confirmation numbers. We then double check their list verse ours to make sure there are no discrepancies. The hotel then enters all of their hotel confirmation numbers into our website and we email each individual, that has an email address listed in their reservation, their confirmation number.


THS guarantees the lowest group rates at our partner hotels through continual rate integrity checks. If you find a lower rate that meets the Proof Requirements below and are not an “Excluded” Rate, please send this information in writing via e-mail to Megan Cesare - If confirmed, THS will ensure that your team rate will be reduced to match the rate found.

PROOF REQUIREMENTS for the Lowest Rate Guarantee Program:

  • Your quote is from a Hotel posted on the THS website, and is for Single thru Quad Occupancy;
  • The rate quote you received is for a minimum of 3 rooms and of the same roomtype you want from THS;
  • Your rate quote is over the same dates that THS has contracted, and you find the lower rates within 72 hours of making the reservation with THS;
  • You provide us with date and method (phone call, e-mail) that you received the quote, and the first and last name of the hotel employee who quoted it to you. OR a screenshot of the hotel website showing the same details;
  • A copy of any written correspondence that exists between you and the hotel.

EXCLUDED RATES to the Lowest Rate Guarantee Program:
The following types of rates are not eligible for the Lowest Rate Guarantee:

  • Any Pre-Paid, Non-Refundable Rates that must be paid for all nights at the time of booking. These include those rates found on the Hotel Brand’s own website, Opaque Rates (where the choice of hotels is not disclosed until you book) and any Discount Sites like Expedia, Travelocity,, Priceline, etc.
  • Corporate negotiated rates for a company or organization (for example IBM, Google, United Way, etc.);
  • Employee Rates for that Hotel chain;
  • Government Rates;
  • Memberships like AAA and AARP that are designed to be used only by the member, not for a group of rooms;
  • Any quote for a group where the group has misrepresented themselves to the hotel as to their identity and the purpose of their visit.


The policy for using Rewards Points for rooms for a tournament/event that uses the Stay-and-Play Policy varies by organization. The majority of THS’s clients, including USA Volleyball and all of the tournaments/events we handle for Soccer, Cheerleading, Basketball, Lacrosse and Swimming, DO allow you to make hotel reservations using Hotel Reward Points, with those roomnights being credited towards any per team roomnight minimum the tournament has. To do so, you would make those reservations either on the Hotel Brand Website that you have the points for, or to call their Rewards Customer Service phone number and talk to an agent. THS cannot make those reservations for you, as only the holder of the Rewards Account can do that. If it is a Stay-and-Play event, then you would need to contact THS to identify the rewards reservations you have made, so you get credit for those roomnights booked with the tournament. Of course, if the tournament/event does not use Stay-and-Play, you are not limited on the use of Rewards Points in any way.

There are some organizations that use Stay-and-Play that DO NOT allow any of the rooms to be booked with Rewards Points. If you are attending a tournament/sport besides the ones listed above, and have Reward Points you would like to use, please contact the THS Reservations Department to inquire about the which other organizations accept Reward Point reservations.


Many of THS's client tournaments/events use the Stay-and-Play Policy, where teams attending that tournament/event need to book their hotel reservations through THS. This is a policy set by each Organization, not THS, and the details of that policy appear on each Organization’s website. For example, the Stay-and-Play Policy for all USA Volleyball events can be found here. Please check on each Organization’s website for the details of their specific policy.

In terms of why Stay-and-Play is used by so many Organizations, the reasons are many. The policy helps THS get lower rates at the hotels we book for each tournament/event (on average 15% lower than without the policy), as well as larger room blocks at the hotels closest to the venue. It is because of Stay-and-Play that THS is able to offer the “Lowest Rate Guarantee Program” (see above in this FAQ section). Additionally, Stay-and-Play helps the Host Organization prove the number of roomnights generated by their tournament/event, a very important negotiating tool to secure their venues or fields for future years. Lastly, the benefits of the Host Organization tracking all of the roomnights affects the teams attending by helping to keep the registration fees lower, as well as the organization being able to put on the best tournament/event possible. It’s win-win!